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The ultimate promotional tool

Double-sided - reusable - environmentally friendly

A double-sided and stable floor display that you reuse campaign after campaign. You can connect a number of different brochure holders or create a specially adapted demo holder for your product launch. With the environmentally friendly AdderMedia™, you get a fantastically fine material that sits perfectly in the display and cannot be torn apart.

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Key features

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• Double-sided
• Easy to change messages
• Easy to place
• Durable and stable
• Reusable
• Prepared for accessories
• Footplate with logo
• 10 year guarantee

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Change of banner

Contrary to a classic roll-up, which is a one-time product, the InStore™ display is reused year after year - both flexible and climate-smart. It is double-sided and without a cassette, which makes it extremely easy to change the banners when the time comes. New brooms are sent rolled together with installation instructions.

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Customization and accessories

 InStore™ comes prepared for customization and accessories. The footplate is available in three standard colors: silver, black and white. In addition, we can print a logo or message on it. All foot plates are equipped with four extra holes to easily mount accessories such as brochure or product holders.

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InStore is available in widths of 40 cm, 55 cm, 75 cm, 122 cm and in heights of 160 cm, 180 cm and 200 cm. All sizes work best in different environments and can be combined as needed. We are happy to help and find the best one for you.

4-6 kg


AdderMedia™ is a unique synthetic paper. High grade white with a high performance opaque finish. Free from PVC, wood and laminate. A robust, durable, non-static surface, washable, waterproof and UV resistant. It cannot be torn. Fast-drying surface does not require additional lamination. Available exclusively from Adder AB.

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What all Adder's display systems have in common is that it is extremely easy to change the message, which, combined with efficient logistics, means that the effect of the marketing is guaranteed - it gets out, and it gets to stay! Whether in our own stores, shop-in-shops, exhibitions or in a dealer network, we pack and ship in bulk or individually

– centrally or directly. It should be easy to be efficient: Deliver an artwork and we take care of the rest!

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Accessories for

Eftersom en enda lösning inte passar alla så finns det flera tillbehör och anpassningar till InStore. Lägg exempelvis till en broschyrhållare eller demohållare – eller hör av dig för en personligt anpassad lösning. Fotplattan levereras förberedd för tillbehör för att enkelt kunna komplettera med detta när behovet uppstår.

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