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A double-sided and stable floor display that you reuse campaign after campaign. You can connect a number of different brochure holders or create a specially adapted demo holder for your product launch. With the environmentally friendly AdderMedia™, you get a fantastically fine material that sits perfectly in the display and cannot be torn apart.


The floor display with its 18 millimeter frame is so discreet and stylish that it fits into the most demanding environments. The display is double-sided and you can easily replace the banners campaign after campaign. The banner comes with a thin magnetic strip around the back for easy mounting.

golvdisplay i bilhall
golvdisplay i bilhall

Fabric - Fabric LED

FineLine Fabric double-sided floor display is suitable for large image areas, and can be custom-ordered as desired. The artwork is printed on fabric with sublimation and then provided with a silicone strip for easy mounting. Available with or without LED lighting.

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