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touchskärm i mässan eller eventet


Designed by Michael Young Studio, the Adder Standee is Halo one elegant solution for retail, fair or event. The Standee fits screens and tablets up to 22”, and with the cast iron base, the Standee is very stable.
© Michael Young Studio 2019.
The bottom is made of cast iron.
Suitable for screens up to 22"


Adder's Interactive Kiosk is a stand-alone interactive multimedia station for shops and public environments.
With a robust steel casing, touchscreen under protective glass and active cooling, the device is protected from heat and theft. The minimalist design makes Adder Kiosk perfect for placement in stores, showrooms, shopping centers, hotels or fairs. The front panel is designed to be completed with an easily replaceable magnetic sweep. Available with screen sizes 15″, 22″ and 32″.

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