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Outdoor - 
A display for all weathers

Double-sided - reusable - environmentally friendly

FineLine Outdoor is an outdoor display that is easy to transport and withstands the elements. The double-sided cover is printed with high quality and is easy to deploy and replace. The metal frame is painted with a UV-resistant structural finish. The scaffolding is sent flat and assembled by threading the frame onto the base plate and placing the cover on the frame.

FineLine Outdoor is a completely new generation of sidewalk speakers.

outdoor Stor.jpeg

Key features

• Double-sided
• Easy to change messages
• Easy to place
• Durable and stable
• Kimatsmart
• Reusable
• Footplate with logo

Vepa change

It is easy to change the motif by pulling the "sock" over the stand.

Outdoor Adder display


The metal frame is painted with a UV-resistant structural finish in the color black.

The bottom plate is shaped to withstand the elements and has wheels for easy transport and set-up. 


We print the rugs with the latest sublimation technology, which provides unparalleled quality in contrast and color depth.

_DSC0981 Stor.jpeg
Skärmavbild 2023-11-10 kl. 17.00.02.png
audi gatupratare


Outdoor is available in the size W=70 x H=120cm, of which the surface for the message is 70x110 cm

14.5 kg


What all Adder's display systems have in common is that it is extremely easy to change the message, which, combined with efficient logistics, means that the effect of the marketing is guaranteed - it gets out, and it gets to stay! Whether in our own stores, shop-in-shops, exhibitions or in a dealer network, we pack and ship in bulk or individually

– centrally or directly. It should be easy to be efficient: Deliver an artwork and we take care of the rest!

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