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FineLine - 
small with big attention 


Double-sided - reusable - environmentally friendly

When you order the FineLine™ table display, you choose whether you want the frame in silver, black or white. Both versions make it so discreet and stylish that it fits into the most demanding environments. The display is double-sided and you can easily replace the wicks as the wick has a thin magnetic strip around the entire back.

FineLine™ is also available brilliantly in LED. With the same discreet design and the ability to illuminate messages in both directions, FineLine™ LED guarantees high attention.

bordsdisplay FineLine för FUJI i A4

Key features

10 warranty.png

• Double-sided

• Can be LED illuminated
• Easy to change messages
• Easy to place
• Durable and stable
• Kimatsmart
• Reusable
• Prepared for accessories

• Footplate with logo
• 10 year warranty

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Vepa change

On the back of the FineLine veps there is a magnetic tape that is attached to the frame, which makes it extremely easy to change the message when the time comes.


The blades for FineLine LED are thinner with some transparency to allow the light to reach out. These were attached with an external magnetic passepartou in the same color as the frame.

vepabyte för svart fineline ram
led fineline_ny.png


It is possible to have your table display illuminated with LEDs and these come with a pass-partou that obscures the LED loop for a more even light.

 The foot plate for FineLine is available in three standard colours: silver, black and white. The foot plate for FineLine LED is available in the colors white and black. In addition, we can print a logo or a message on it. 



AdderMedia™ is a unique synthetic paper used for FineLine. High grade white with a high performance opaque finish. Free from PVC, wood and laminate. A robust, durable, non-static surface, washable, waterproof and UV resistant. It cannot be torn. Fast-drying surface does not require additional lamination. Available exclusively from Adder AB.

bordsdisplay storleksguide-ny.png
Skärmavbild 2023-11-10 kl. 17.00.02.png
fineline bordsdisplay i a4 och a3 i Edblads butiker


FineLine table display is available in sizes A4 and A3, with or without LED lighting. The sizes work best in different environments and can be combined as needed. We are happy to help and find the best one for you. The profile depth is 9mm without LED and 18mm with LED.

A4 = 0.7kg 

A4 LED = 2kg
A3= 1kg

A3 LED = 3kg


What all Adder's display systems have in common is that it is extremely easy to change the message, which, combined with efficient logistics, means that the effect of the marketing is guaranteed - it gets out, and it gets to stay! Whether in our own stores, shop-in-shops, exhibitions or in a dealer network, we pack and ship in bulk or individually

– centrally or directly. It should be easy to be efficient: Deliver an artwork and we take care of the rest!

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