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Inflatable tent-Boosted Air

Boosted air™ is a series of inflatable products that are extremely easy to assemble. The assortment includes inflatable tents, pillars, standing tables and bar stools. The material and the hard-wearing zippers mean that the products can withstand harsh conditions in terms of weather and wind. Complete with walls to connect more tents in series.

boosted air, eventtält

Key features

• Easy to assemble

• Waterproof and windproof

 • UV and fireproof

 • Equipped with quality zippers

 • The design can be tailored

• Comes in a handy backpack.

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You only need to plug in the cord to the blower and the tube to the tent - and it's up in a minute.

montering av tält


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standardfarger_Rityta 1-01.png
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standardfarger_Rityta 1-03.png
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standardfarger_Rityta 1-05.png
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The inflatable frame is available in the standard colors white, black, grey, dark blue, light blue and red. The walls and cover are available in the standard colors and can also be customized with your own design and color. 

The tent is available in several different sizes and designs

- with walls, windows, extra roof and connections to more tents.
We help you find the best solution for you!

Storlekar och modeller

X tent 


Outer dimensions:
Length =

Width  = 4.85m 

Height = 3.3m

Package  = 55 x 47 x 61cm

Weight = 40kg


Outer dimensions:
Length =

Width  = 5.8m 

Height = 3.9m

Package  = 75 x 65 x 60cm

Weight = 50kg


Outer dimensions:
Length =

Width  = 3.2m 

Height = 2.4m

Package  = 55 x 47 x 47cm

Weight = 30kg


Outer dimensions:
Length =

Width  = 3.95m 

Height = 2.7m

Package  = 55 x 47 x 61cm

Weight = 36kg


Outer dimensions:
Length = 6.8

Width  = 6.8m 

Height = 4.7m

Package  = 75 x 65 x 60cm

Weight = 68kg


Outer dimensions:
Length =

Width  = 7.8m 

Height = 5.4m

Package  = 75 x 65 x 60cm, 2 cartons

Weight = 118kg


What all Adder's display systems have in common is that it is extremely easy to change the message, which, combined with efficient logistics, means that the effect of the marketing is guaranteed - it gets out, and it gets to stay! Whether in our own stores, shop-in-shops, exhibitions or in a dealer network, we pack and ship in bulk or individually

– centrally or directly. It should be easy to be efficient: Deliver an artwork and we take care of the rest!

Reference pictures

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