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Goal arcs

Inflatable -
Goal arcs

Boosted air™ is a series of inflatable products that are extremely easy to assemble. The assortment includes inflatable tents, pillars, standing tables and bar stools. The material and the hard-wearing zippers mean that the products can withstand harsh conditions in terms of weather and wind. 

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Key features

•  Extremely easy to assemble

• Everything is included, no tools needed

  • • Available for both indoor and outdoor use

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The displays in the colors black, white or silver.

You can choose whether you want your display without or with LED. The LED lighting we use has advanced optics that spread the light evenly over the entire surface.I


We print the rugs with the latest sublimation technology, which provides unparalleled quality in contrast and color depth.

AdderMedia™ is a unique synthetic paper used for FineLine. High grade white with a high performance opaque finish. Free from PVC, wood and laminate. A robust, durable, non-static surface, washable, waterproof and UV resistant. It cannot be torn. Fast-drying surface does not require additional lamination. Available exclusively from Adder AB.

The Vepa for FineLine LED is in,.....

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The inflatable arches are available in several sizes

Width 2.9m Height 2.45m, Depth 1m

Width 4m, Height 3.2m, Depth 1m

Width 5m, 3.75m, Depth 1m

2.9m x 2.45 x 1m = 14kg

4m x 3.2m x 1m = 14kg

5m x 3.75 x 1m = 15kg


What all Adder's products have in common is that it is extremely easy to change the message, which in combination with efficient logistics means that the effect of the marketing is guaranteed - it gets out, and it can stay! Whether in our own stores, shop-in-shops, exhibitions or in a dealer network, we pack and ship in bulk or individually

– centrally or directly. It should be easy to be efficient: Deliver a finished original, so we take care of the rest!

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